Syraq SITREP 21: Trump Dumps AlCIAeda, Iraq’s VP Calls for More Russian Arms/Presence in Mesopotamia

The emergence of oil-rich Iraq from the ashes of occupation and war, first by the Americans and second by the Saudi-Qatari financed fake Caliphate (whose collapse has been accompanied by an acrimonious divorce between Riyadh and Doha), is directly linked with the rise of a Eurasian axis from Moscow to Tehran to Beijing, first promoted by former Soviet spymaster and Mideast hand turned Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov back in the 1990s.

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Tougher Line: Russia Hosts Chinese Warships in Baltic, Donetsk Declares Malorossiya

Several days have passed since President Donald J. Trump’s first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 in Hamburg. Along with the handshake and two hours plus meet and greet open to cameras, the two world leaders also met with more privacy before midnight local time at dinner. After the legacy media breathlessly reported this second Putin-Trump face to face conversation based on Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer’s claim Monday that only the Russian leader’s interpreter was nearby, an angry Trump tweeted that the press pool and G20 leaders had known all about Mr. Bremmer’s ‘scoop’ and failed to report it earlier.

The latest #TrumpRussia ‘scandal, combined with the instant leak of a transcript of Trump’s phone call with British Prime Minister Theresa May, in which the President reportedly sought to avoid British venues open to protesters in an upcoming visit to the UK, magnified the impression of chaos in Washington. The fact that the President’s own party majority in Congress also failed to agree on an Obamacare replacement bill this week only underscores the general sense of disarray and backbiting in the undrained D.C. swamp.

The American Deep State meanwhile, through its mouthpieces like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published journal Foreign Policy and the James Comey leaks-cheerleading Lawfare, is pushing the ludicrous line that Donald Trump Jr’s useless meeting with a few (likely Fusion GPS dodgy dossier authoring firm linked) Russians in June 2016 constitutes a violation of the 1917 Espionage Act. Looking at the fanatical opposition any rapprochement with Russia faces in Washington, it’s little wonder that the Kremlin and its Chinese allies are, in the words of The Sirius Report’s London Paul texted to me, losing patience with the idea that a besieged, confused or infiltrated Trump White House can deliver anything of substance.

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Trump/Putin Post G20 — Early Results

RogueMoney reader ‘DP’ of Kansas emailed us asking the Russia Analyst’s opinion of the first Trump/Putin meeting at the G20 in Hamburg. A week has passed, and we still haven’t made up our minds — is the glass half full, with real U.S.-Russia detente now possible as our friends Harley Schlanger and especially London Paul would suggest? Or is the glass half empty and broken spilling its contents to the floor, as our friend The Saker and his acquaintance former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts concluded? The one thing that is certain — since the ill-advised and false intelligence based Tomahawk missile strike on Syrian government forces in April, the Kremlin and Russian people can only evaluate the Trump Administration on the bases of actions, not words.

Clearly, Putin and Trump spending four times their scheduled allotted time together at the G20 was a positive sign, and some would say, given the fits of Russophobic hysteria seizing Washington, a minor miracle. Now comes the follow up that will determine if Trump actually can deliver anything positive from the American side, or the first baby steps toward ending Cold War 2…

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Countercoup 6: Did @Crowdstrike Fabricate ‘#RussianHacking by #Guccifer2.0’? Did Peegate Dossier Authors at FusionGPS Arrange for ‘Kremlin Connected Lawyer’s Meeting’ with Donald Trump Jr.?

July 10, 2017 marked the one year anniversary of Seth Conrad Rich’s murder in what Metro D.C. police have said was a ‘botched robbery’ in our nation’s capitol. Despite fanatical denials by the mainstream media and pressure on Seth Rich’s family by a paid Democratic party consultant, suspicions linger that the two shots in the back, wallet and phone left behind slaying during which Rich reportedly was alive upon arrival at a D.C. hospital was no random street crime, but had everything to do with Rich’s work at the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

For his part, while not directly citing Rich as a source, Wikileaks Julian Assange and his organization are adamant in speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity and anyone else who will listen, that their sources from inside the DNC were neither hackers nor Russians. New Zealand-based former hacker Kim Dotcom has stated he is ready to present proof that Rich was WL’s source to Russia investigation special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller…

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Trump in #Warsaw: You Forgot About #Poland, Part 2

IF it can accept that Russo-German partnership need not come at its expense, Poland is well situated to profit from the Antwerp/Rhine valley to Moscow Eurasian trade route and thence to western China One Belt/One Road mega project. Just as China is developing the Budapest to Piraeus railways and widening transport corridors through the Balkans, along comes a Visegrad project (Three Seas) whose infrastructure component quietly compliments rather than hinders Beijing’s Central and Eastern European ambitions.

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Syraq SITREP 20: #Trump WH/UN Amb @NikkiHaley Accuses #Syria of Plotting Chemical Attack

ISIS (or as some prefer to call it, USUS) is collapsing across the Syrian deserts, and Iraqi Shi’a PMU militiamen are pouring into the country by the thousands to aid Syria’s armed forces in the drive to lift the Daesh siege of Deir Ez Zor. With Raqqa now besieged by Kurdish SDF fighters, and the previously escaping Daesh convoys getting pummeled by Russian airpower, Washington’s options to stop Damascus and its allies from Tehran uniting the vast majority of the country’s non-Kurdish areas under Syrian Arab Republic sovereignty are dwindling fast. Not surprisingly, the neocons who infiltrated the Trump White House and installed their Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley into office have decided now would be the perfect time for Assad to order a chemical weapons attack to ‘justify’ his troops being bombed by the US.

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Syraq SITREP 19: #RussianNavy Launches More #Kalibr Cruise Missiles at #ISIS

One week after a U.S. Navy F/18E shot down a Syrian Air Force SU-22 bomber, leading Moscow to declare that American-led Coalition aircraft could be tracked as hostiles via air or surface to air missile radars, the Russians struck Islamic State terrorists with a barrage of Kalibr missiles. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, six low flying cruise missiles were fired from the Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich frigates in the eastern Mediterranean.

The missile strikes came one day after rumors circulated online that a U.S. RQ4 Global Hawk long range drone, which was reported crashed in northern California, was actually shot down over the Mediterranean by Russian air defense systems based in the Latakia coastal region of Syria.

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Remember @NATOPress/#NATO, #Russia Also Says #NeverAgain

The Jews and Armenians are not the only ones who say ‘never again’. So do the Russians, NATO friends.

Shortly after 4 a.m. local time on 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany and a coalition of what it called a ‘united Europe against Bolshevism’  invaded Soviet Russia, with an army of 3.5 million men. As a reminder to those eagerly building up the largest military force seen on Russia’s western borders since that time: nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten…

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Syraq SITREP 18 BREAKING: U.S. Shoots Down #SyAF Jet, #Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles at #ISIS

Father’s Day in the U.S. marked two escalations in the Syria war, with the Americans shooting down a Syrian Air Force jet they claimed bombed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces Sunday evening, while Iran fired at least two medium-range ballistic missiles from its territory at ISIS in eastern Syria. The Iranian missile strike was the first launch of a ballistic rocket in combat by Tehran since the 1980s Iran-Iraq War, and the Persian rockets transited Iraqi air space en route to their targets.

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#MemeWars: The Wrath of #KEK and the @JordanBPeterson Experience

Pepe is a humorous frog, who became a meme. Then he became — sometime after Hillary Clinton gave her ‘Putin is the global godfather of the AltRight’ speech in August 2016 to the trolling cry of PEPE! — a legend. And as every child who’s watched a superhero movie like The Dark Knight Rises knows, a legend never dies — even when Pepe’s creator cartoonist Matt Furie tries to kill him off, to the froggy lolz of the Internet’s sh-tlords.

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